"I’m so pumped about my scores."

 “I got my SAT scores online this morning, and was blown away!! I’m ecstatic! I want to say a HUGE thank you!!! The tutoring was incredibly helpful. The techniques you taught me and the practice clearly helped. Not only that, but you convinced me I was capable of doing very well. During the test, I felt so in the zone! Thank you so much for teaching me how to take the SAT and also how to mentally psych myself up for the test. I’m so pumped about my scores.” 

— Caroline Levy, Falmouth High School graduate

“big improvements”

“Our daughter made big improvements on all three parts of the SAT and was very pleased with her results. She worked hard on the practice tests and homework you gave her and we believe this and your individual feedback and strategy sessions made a big difference.”

— Jerry, father of Portland High School graduate


“I’m thrilled with my SAT scores! The strategies I learned from you helped me feel much more comfortable and confident. Your patience and encouragement really helped, too.”

— Ellie Marston, Waynflete School graduate


"enormous improvement"

"You did an exceptional job individually tailoring SAT prep sessions to Matt's strengths and weaknesses.  Your thorough and methodical approach resulted in an enormous improvement in his test scores.  Thank you Eric!"

-- Julie Cekleniak, mother of Matt Hogenauer, Falmouth High School


“Thank you so much for your help”

“I got into Williams College! Thank you so much for your help with the SAT. I would never have had a chance of getting in without a huge improvement in my scores. You really know that test well and you know how to prepare for it.”

— Carl Szanton, Portland High School graduate

“improved my scores 190 points”

“Eric improved my scores 190 points. His test prep services are very manageable, and gave me the tips and structure I needed in order to succeed. I can’t be thankful enough. I attribute 100% of my improved scores to Eric Johnson.” 

— Peter Stein, Waynflete School graduate


“much more secure”

“Thank you Mr. Johnson for helping me bring up my SAT scores. I feel so much more secure in my college applications thanks to you.”

— Charlie Dupee, Deering High School graduate


“We are thrilled with our daughter’s SAT results. Both your style & the process you guided her through were ideally suited for her.”

— Tricia Naddaff, mother of Lindsey Spratt, Waynflete School graduate

“helped him get into college with a good scholarship”

"Jack did much better on the SAT after he worked with you. It made a big difference, too -- it helped him get into college with a good scholarship."

— Hildegarde Heary, mother of Jack Heary, Deering High School graduate

"gave personalized advice"

"Working with Eric Johnson made me much more knowledgeable and confident going into the test. He knows the SAT inside and out, and gave personalized advice on exactly how to approach every part of every section. I am very happy with my scores."

– Jules Szanton, Portland High School graduate

"Thank you so much for the help you gave me on the SATs. Your help made standardized tests the least stressful part of the application process, and I know it lent a big hand in my admissions.” 

— Mikhaila Fogel, Portland High School graduate

"I would have kissed your feet if I had seen you the day Josh got his scores."

Michael Reali, father of Josh Reali, Cheverus High School graduate